Hooniverse Asks: Why aren’t electric motorcycles more popular?

An electric motorcycle is an mode of transportation that makes a lot of sense to me. Range figures are growing. The performance is great for the majority of riders. And the ability to slip to and from work, emissions and fuel free, is enticing. Especially for those who live in a state that allows for lane splitting (granted, that’s just California right now but other states are wising up).

So why don’t we see electric motorcycles in greater numbers out on the street? Sure, some of them are relatively pricey but not insanely so. And there are enough models that are affordable, yet you typically don’t see any of them out and about.

Now, I’m not a rider. So there’s definitely a number of things I’m missing regarding the ownership and operation of an electric motorcycle. I’d love to hear from our riding friends about why an electric bike isn’t a great idea. Or conversely, why they opted to purchase one.

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