Hooniverse Asks: Why are Pop-up Headlights So Dang Cool?

Cisitallia Do you know how many production cars are built today with pop-up headlights? My research indicates that the numbers are in the low zeros with little chance of that changing in the near future. That’s the result of aerodynamic headlights becoming ubiquitous everywhere and the requirement for daytime running lights showing up here and there. And it’s a damn shame too because, well to be honest most of us love cars with headlights that go up and down. We also like headlights that hide behind clever grille textured doors and those like on the classic Opel GT that roll over Beethoven. Mostly though we like the ones that pop up when needed, and then drop down when the sun is around to get the job done. Why the heck is that? What is it about pop-up headlights that makes the NA Miata so much more desirable to many than its successors? What’s your reasoning behind this phenomenon: why do we love pop-up headlights? Image: APIDAOnline

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