In my decade of automotive writing I had the pleasure of driving many new Jaguars. With the exception of perhaps the XE with the base motor, I’ve liked every single one of them. Sure, I preferred the supercharged V8 F-Type to the V6 model, but there wasn’t really anything wrong with the V6 models. And both sure were gorgeous. As a matter of fact, I find the whole lineup of Jaguars to be one of the best looking lineups on the market.

Sure, small sedans and roadsters are not everyone’s cup of tea and crumpets. The whole world is now buying CUVs and Jag offers two of them and both are great looking and nice to drive. They even have a new electric vehicle, the I-Pace, which offers original styling, AWD, almost 400 horsepower, and 230 mile range, bettering the Audi e-tron. And it is not a Tesla.

Yes, there are some Jag-specific issues. First is the high prices and the fact that so many things are not included in what are supposed to be ‘luxury’ vehicles. But the price isn’t stopping people from buying BMWs or Benzs, and those sure as heck are not cheap or fully loaded out of the box. Jag does offer some great lease rates; a lease may also reduce the fear of long-term Jag ownership, which brings us to reputation and reliability.

Jaguar has reputation and history of poor reliability and the company knows it. To help reduce that fear of Jaguar offers a 5-year/60,000-mile warranty, five-years of scheduled maintenance, and road-side assistance. That pretty much means that over a period of three years your Jag may need a set of tires and brake pads – typical stuff. And in terms of overall reliability, it’s not like most other European luxury brands do not have a checkered past.

Having said all that – why aren’t more people buying some of the best looking and performing cars on the market?