Hooniverse Asks- Who's Your Automotive Hero?

On TV and in the movies, heros usually have some sort of superhuman power, or undertake unbelievable deeds of daring- escaping without so much as a hair misplaced. In real life, heros are those people who go above and beyond, who are catalysts for change, and who typically are more interested in the outcome than calling attention to their actions. And automotivedom has had its share of movers and shakers, whether it’s racing them, building them, or writing about them. Is there one that you would put above all others as the person you most admire? Many an automotive legend has had a dark side, which is often glossed over- Henry Ford put the nation on wheels, but was also derided as anti semitic, Carroll Shelby gave us the Cobra and GT350, as well as a stirring racing career, but has a penchant for suing anyone who looks at him funny. John Delorean gave us the muscle car, but. . . well, you know. But we love flawed heros- people who seemingly exceed our bounds, but who are grounded in reality. That humanness makes them seem more real, their achievements more tangible and aspirational. A hero is someone you aspire to emulate, and while many of these men and women have done things that are less than heroic, that just makes their bigger than life efforts seem within easier reach. So, is there a car guy – or woman – that elicits your utmost respect and admiration? Is there a person, who, should you actually meet them, would cause to to stare at your shoes and mumble something about what an honor it is, and could I have your autograph if it’s not too much trouble? Which car person do you hold in highest esteem, and why? Image sources: [Circletrack.com, Solarnavigator.com]

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