Hooniverse Asks: Who Will Win the Top Gear Fight- New Top Gear or the Clarkson/May/Hammond Show?

PERTH, AUSTRALIA - JULY 17: (L-R) Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May during a press event on July 17, 2015 in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Matt Jelonek/WireImage) There’s a Battle Royale brewing in the automotive tv show world. It’s between BBC’s reimagined Top Gear (now with more foreigners!), and whatever concoction that show’s original cast members are dreaming up over on Amazon Prime. It appears that the new iteration of Top Gear got custody of the Stig. It also appears that they seem intent on making up for a lack of familiarity and chemistry with sheer numbers, doubling the speaking roles from the previous edition. The Clarkson, May and Hammond show on the other hand, seems content to make due with just the three buffoons around whom we are all comfortable. That is, as long as one of them doesn’t get angry. There’s been some anger on the Top Gear side too, even though the show’s debut is still a while off. The central cog in the new Top Gear machine is British man in fashionable glasses Chris Evans, who it has been reported has taken issue with the inclusion in the cast of American former Friends actor Matt LeBlanc. For his part, LeBlanc has been making fun of how Evans pronounces “taco.” Over on Amazon, well, they haven’t even come up with a name for their show yet, and it will follow the new Top Gear’s debut by several months. Eventually however, there will be only one survivor. Just like Beta vs VHS, or the McRib vs the McHot Dog, when the dust settles only one show will stand tall before the man. The other? It will either descend into obscurity or will turn into Top Gear America. Looking ahead, which one do you think will be the survivor? Images: Top- The Guardian / Bottom- Top Gear

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