Hooniverse Asks: Who is your favorite racing driver of all time?

The conversations waft forward like smoke that seems to linger forever in the air around us. Debates about motorsport have lasted for over a century. They’ll continue on for a long time from now. People have their favorite drivers. My own personal, and possibly cliche answer for such a question, is Ayrton Senna. Maybe he’s an easy choice, but his passionate desire to win coupled with tremendous skill level puts him in a high place for me personally.

The beauty about this question though, is that other answers aren’t wrong. Some may love what Tom Kristensen has accomplished. That’s a great choice here. Others may point to the likes of Colin McRae, Sir Stirling Moss, or possibly Lewis Hamilton. Everyone has a reason for liking their own favorite driver, and those are usually good reasons.

Another driver to consider as a favorite could be Niki Lauda. The man was a dominant champion and has remaining an icon in the sport up until his recent death at the age of 70.

Who’s your favorite racing driver? Remember, there are no wrong answers here.

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