Hooniverse Asks: Which vehicle are you most curious about from the 2018 LA Auto Show?

Today is the first official media day of the 2018 Los Angeles Auto show. We will be on hand for some of the reveals, but we’re mostly heading to the LA to see which automaker booth has the best food and booze (hint: it’s usually Audi for sausages and Infiniti for bourbon). 
There should be some interesting new machines on hand this year. Jeep will roll out its Wrangler truck. Rivian has already made headlines with its truck (and an SUV now, too). Audi has an electric sedan, Kia has a full-size SUV, and Suzuki is not making a surprise appearance with a US-spec Jimny
There’s a whole lot more than the above going on. Which tickles your vehicular fancy? Which one do you want to know more about? Sound off below!


  1. The Mazda3 is most like something I might actually buy (despite some overlanding fantasies about the Wrangler pickup), and I’m pretty excited for the Skyactiv-X.
    That said, I’m sort of curious about the Aviator, and if it’s any good, if it means Lincoln could just possibly get some decent cars down the line as well.

      1. Shrinking rear door window, like on the CX-3. Isn’t it lucky that small children will never sit back there, or want to see more than the tops of buildings passing by…

      2. Kinda reminds me of the Seat Leon from the days when it was a fastback hatch and not a weird sport-MPV thing and by extension, an Alfasud that’s braked a bit too hard.

  2. I’m kind of out touch with the new car market. I just heard of the LA show a couple of days ago. Frankly I can’t think of anything I’m interested in.

  3. Its nowhere in there. It’s 4+ blocks to the left of the photo. Pedantry aside, I miss LA so much. The rest of the show is kinda blah, but the Hall of Porsche is always awesome.

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