Hooniverse Asks: Which car should get a "continuation" version?

Occasionally, an automaker will reach into its well of past production models and bring one back from the dead for a short bit. It’s a special offering of a classic in the modern era. Aston Martin has done that recently with the arrival of its DB4 GT. This is a continuation model, and it’s a glorious reawakening of a proud part of the brand’s past.
Which car do you think deserves such treatment? Personally, I’d love to see a 1968 Dodge Charger given the continuation love. That’s not something that’s likely to happen but I can pray to my scale versions sitting on my desk.


    1. I believe I’m on record as maintaining that BMW lost its way after the 700, but even so I’ll admit to being fond of the early 2002 tail lights.

    2. Not sure I would chose the stepnose, I don’t mind the later GTV 2000 with the shield formed by bumps on the grille bars, came close to buying one of those years ago.

  1. An AWD you can see out of, and that can actually go offroad. Or even where there are no roads at all like a proper off roader should, showing where roads one day will be. Not just a luxury vehicle- unless true luxury is going anywhere you want.
    And make it so well designed it gets exhibited in the Louvre as a piece of art. A proper continuation would be my choice. Given the way S1 Rangies have skyrocketed in price, I’m not the only one.

    1. I’m trying to think how long ago it was I was talking to a friend about some early RR’s that weren’t finding buyers at $2k or so. Probably closer to 15 years at this point. Trouble was I needed one like a hole in the head…

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