Hooniverse Asks- Which Car Has The Best Seats?

You are in physical contact with your car in three places- your hands, your feet, and your ass, and through each of these, you sense the imperfections in the road, the nuances of the turn of the wheel and the rate of braking. But most importantly, it’s how much butt-pucker you generate that mostly defines your driving limits. Because of that, where you put your butt is as important as what tires you choose, or the heel and toe-ability of the pedal placement. Some driver’s thrones coddle you in side bolsters and under-knee supports, some would let you slide from one door to the other if you didn’t have the wheel onto which to hold.

So which car give the best chair? And do you prefer those high-bolstered scoops that seem nigh-on impossible to get in or out of, or are you a bench man? Do you like 15-way adjustments for your under-butt comfort, or would a rough plank on cinderblocks do you just fine? Image sources: [personalfinanceanalyst, MWIR.net]

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