Hooniverse Asks- When Does the New Wear Off?

So say you get a new car, something perhaps that you are seeking to keep in as pristine condition as possible, for as long as you can. You don’t let people so much as fart in it, much less eat their filthy Taco Bell or, god help them, smoke a cigarette. That new car smell – while probably highly carcinogenic – is a reminder of all the cash you plunked down so you could have this ride, one previously un-befouled by anyone but yourself.

But then you start to slip. Maybe you let it go an extra week before washing, or don’t vacuum out the floor mats, even after that enjoyable but rustic trip to the duck farm. Eventually, not only are people eating in your car, but the dog is scooting its ass across the back seat like it’s trying to conjure up a genie. And that new car smell? It’s long since been replaced by the unmistakable stench of desiccated vinyl and Axe deodorant.

The thing is though, that point when a car turns from pride and joy to mini frat house is different for every car and many an owner. What I want to know is what’s your rule of thumb for how long you keep your car summer fresh?  Is it a year? 50,000 miles? Never? When exactly does the new wear off?

Image: [Jalopyjournal]

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