Hooniverse Asks- What’s Your Most Realistic But Obscure Engine Transplant Fantasy?

Hey, and it’s got an LS1 under the hood! Dude, my Vanagon? It’s rocking an STi mill, totally off the hook! Wow, that’s really gre. . . zzzzzzzzz. Are you getting as tired of the same old engine swaps as we are? I mean geez louise, if I see another SBC Volvo or 240Z I’m going to feign death until they leave or the bear just eats me. Wait, what were we talking about?

Oh yeah, conformity. Sure, you could go through life playing it safe, always wearing a rubber and demurring when someone offers you a blunt that smells like it’s been cut with engine degreaser, but what’s the fun in that? And part of that straight laced demeanor is toeing the line when it comes to sticking something where it maybe shouldn’t ought to go. Even here most people play it safe, choosing the automotive equivalent of a Mutual Fund rather than the high-risk but thrilling back alley Facebook IPO buy.

But say, hypothetically, that you weren’t going to play it safe. Say you’re this guy, and much like his freaky Fairmont you too have a dream of an unholy mating of car and  motor. On that theoretical hookup – one that’s possible if untraditional – who would be the actors? What would be your most realistic but obscure engine transplant of choice?

Image: [LotusTalk]

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