Hooniverse Asks- What's Your Favorite Truck?

Nothing’s more American than the pickup truck. Whether hauling bales of hay or a tradesman’s tools, these workhorses exemplify the strong work ethic and sense of personal achievement that is the embodiment of our nation’s ethos. All three of the remaining American manufacturers build trucks today, as do many of the foreign makers- trying to capture some of that magic in a bottle that for so long was only the providence of those born under the stars and stripes. But which one do you like the best? Over on the Jalop we ruminated over the value of a $3,000 Ford E100 this moring. These forward-control pickups lost out to the more traditional long-nose form factor, but, as the voting shows, they still have their fans to this day. Most predilections fall in line with brand rather than form, and pretty much the lines are drawn between the Ford guys and the Chevy fans. A funny thing is that there is a geographical divide to this as well- with the east and west coasts pretty solidly Ford, and the great expanse of the midwest Bow Tie country. Of course, it’s not just these two makers that have cheering sections- Dodge, GMC, International, and even Toyota, Nissan Honda and Mitsubishi have their advocates. But when it comes down to sales and spittle-flying fervor, it’s Chevy vs. Ford for the main event. We already know what some of you will say, as noted by this shot of texanidiot25’s C10, but that doesn’t mean the rest of you can’t weigh in.  So, what lumber hauler gives you wood? Image sources:[Wikipedia, deviantart]

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