Tonight, we record the 300th episode of the Hooniverse podcast. That’s nearly six years worth of recording, considering we aim to record one show per week. Occasionally we miss, but for the most part we’ve stuck to that schedule. After recording tonight’s episode, we’re going to hit the pause button on the show as we evaluate the time sink, effort, and return of continuing at this pace. It’s not over, it’s just taking a break.

But by comparison, our podcast is nothing when you look at some of the titans of the automotive entertainment space. Car Talk first went on the air regionally in 1977. It jumped to the national stage in 1987, and the duo Tom and Ray Magliozzi continued to produce fresh content up until 2012. That’s an amazing run. Plus the show is syndicated and new listeners discover it on a daily basis.

Top Gear, pre-Clarkson punching, was a titan of the space. The new Top Gear is doing alright, and the Grand Tour is finding its footing quite nicely. Back in the more modern podcast space, our friend Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire is closing in on 450 episodes. That’s one heck of a run as well.

What else is out there? What’s your favorite long-running automotive show?