Hooniverse Asks- What’s Your Favorite Jeep Alternative?

The original military Jeep – the bloodline of which runs through every CJ model ever built, even to this day – may have helped us win the war, but maybe that just doesn’t impress you. Maybe Jeeps leave you nonplused when it comes to off-roading, which is about as America a sport as Baseball and Mega-Lotto. Maybe, just perhaps, you hate America itself.  Whatever, I’m not here to judge. But before you go off burning flags and punching kittens in their cute little faces, I want to know just what you do like – in place of Jeeps and freedom that is. 

When the off-road market started to heat up, back in the anything-goes sixties, the big three got on the Jeep-competing bandwagon offing such capable 4-wheelers as the Ford Bronco, the Plymouth Trail Duster, and Chevy’s Blazer. And even before those latecomers arrived at the ball International Harvester had its dance card filled up with the stout Scout. Even before that, Toyota’s Land Cruiser and Land Rover’s Land Rover could each be easily mistaken for a Jeep on foggy nights.

Okay, so whether you are a Jeep hater, and by corollary despise America as well, or are just someone who likes to take the off-road less travelled and hence appreciate one or more of the Jeep’s main competitors, which one do you jones on the most?

Image: [Hemmings]



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