Hooniverse Asks- What's Your Eleanor?

You all remember Eleanor- the GT500 that vexed Nick Cage so in the mind-numbingly banal Gone in Sixty Seconds remake? While that film had little going for it other than a passel of great cars and Angelina Jolie’s throw-pillow sized lips, it did bring a new term into automotivedom’s lexicon- that of Eleanor, a mythical white whale sought-after by a fixated seeker.

We all have that one car that we’ve loved since we were a kid. It might be completely irrational, it might be because dad had one and he let you pretend to drive it while sitting on his lap, it might be because of the poster you had in your room, or it might be because Angelina drove one in a movie and you’re in love with her throw-pillow-sized lips. What’s the car that you have always had an irrational love for, that still, when you see it, makes you revert back to being five years old? What car makes time stand still when you see one, with springtime puppy-love music playing from the orchestra between your ears? Keep an eye on Hooniverse today for some of our Eleanors. [Image source: DoogiePage]

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