Hooniverse Asks- What's Your Best Driving In Inclement Weather Story?

It’s been raining in California for most of the past week. And not your typical light sprinkles with intermittent patches of cheerful sunniness mixed with a chance of bliss either. No, this has been rain and wind the likes of which we haven’t seen for ages, and that means we all have to try and remember how to drive with our wipers on. This might seem to be a minor thing for most of you who don’t live in what was once a coastal desert, but believe you-me we don’t come across torrential downpours all that often, so many of us aren’t as prepared as we should be. This means ending up with numerous opportunities to exchange personal information on the side of the freeway, and a lot of overtime for the CHP. We’re just lucky it doesn’t snow here, and when it does at the higher elevations, they typically shut down the mountain routes like the Grapevine as unfamiliar Angelenos mistake the white stuff for cocaine and abandon their cars while trying to scoop the stuff up with the intention of making a quick buck in the central valley. But not everybody is as unprepared for inclement weather as Californians, and there’s a lot of you who have become such experts at driving through the snow and slush, or the pouring rain, that we might mistake you for a postal worker if it weren’t for your sunny disposition. So what’s your best story about driving in the muck? Any 360s on a rain-soaked highway that panicked passengers but gave you the opportunity to tell them I meant to do that? Any I drove my car home covered in snow and the next morning found a bear frozen on the hood? Let us know. Image sources: [elated.com, carstuckgirls.com]

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