Hooniverse Asks- What's The Worst Piece of Car-Buying Advice You've Ever Received?

Buying a car, either new or used,  is not something done on a whim, that is unless you’re pre-bankruptcy Nick Cage. For the rest of us, signing on that dotted line is an act that requires extraordinary intestinal fortitude, and hopefully some sound advice. Of course not all car-buying advice is sound, otherwise how would you explain seeing Pontiac Azteks on the road. Also, I’d like someone to explain Carrot Top to me. Car buying advice, of course, is usually free, and nowhere is the old maxim you get what you pay for more appropriate. I once had an Econ teacher at my JC – huge guy, really large – and he would spend about a half hour of the class going over Econ, and then would spend the remaining hour talking about crazy, totally off the wall stuff. One day he went off about how he and his brother teamed up to negotiate the purchase of a new car. The salesman kept having to take their offer to the manager, and it occurred to him that they were probably listening to them during that absence, in an attempt to determine how high they could reasonably go in their counters. The brothers, or so he related, decided to sit stone silent when the salesman left, so as not to tip their hand. Well, after the second or third time doing so, he said the salesman came back all flustered and sputtered something about agreeing to their terms. His advice; don’t say jack when the salesman leaves the room. Bad advice? I don’t know, I think the worse advice was the recommendation to take that class in summer session. Regardless of my experience, you’ve surely had an occasion where you were planning to make an automotive purchase and someone has offered their two cents? Of those incidents, what was the worst advice you received?

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