Hooniverse Asks- What's the Worst Piece of Car Advice You've Ever Received?

Yep son, a little sawdust down the transmission filler will fix that noise.
It could be: I’d try fixing it with JB Weld. Or maybe: That Neon’s $800, it’s not like you could lose money on buying it. Or, the ever popular: Don’t worry, empty always means you still have at least two gallons left. Car advice, some of it’s good, a lot of it’s bad. The old saying goes opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one, and so it seems, everyone is willing to share theirs, no matter how ill-informed they are. Over the course of your life, what’s the worst automotive counsel that you’ve ever received?
Honey, let's stop and pick up this hitchhiker, he looks like he's got a story to tell.
Buying a car enters you into a relation with that machine, and sometimes that relationship isn’t a healthy one. And typically, you made that leap, not based on your own judgement, but the recommendation of another. Sure, it seems all plausible when they say, how hard is it to slap on a little bondo? or you know, their poor reputation is like totally unfounded, I once knew a guy that drove his across the country with no problem what so ever. Of course what he doesn’t mention is that the ‘the country’ was Luxembourg. There’s also the driving advice given to you – whether route or time. Inevitably your experience does not fall within that of the advisor. And while the the acronym YMMV should apply to all such directives, some recommendations are just plain bad. And what about auto maintenance? Have you ever had someone tell you that you don’t need to change you oil more often than every 10,000 miles if you’d just keep it under 3,000 rpm? Yeah, me neither, but it proves the point that some people have really weird ideas about how to keep their cars on the road. So, whether driving or buying, or what road to take or how to treat your car, what’s the worst car advice anyone has ever given you? Image sources: [Savvy-Cafe, monsterrebellion.com]

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