Hooniverse Asks- What’s the Worst Pickup Truck Add-on Ever?

There isn’t a category of car that doesn’t have some advocate for adornment in its corner, and some of the most offensive are pickup truck owners. Who else would festoon their vehicle with a disembodied pair of gentleman’s marbles like the rendered safe for work image above? Sure, Ricers may aerodynamicize their rides beyond comprehension, and owners of Bitchin  Camaros may dream of Cragar mags and shackle lifts, but as the unofficial vehicle of America truck owners are to blame for not only lapses of taste, but also making the U.S. look bad. What have you seen that could be a contender for worst offender?

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment that pickups went from utilitarian work conveyance to mainstream canvas for expression, but I blame Urban Cowboy. Of course, I blame John Travolta for a lot of things that piss me off, so my opinion may be biased. Still, whatever the exact moment, trucks suddenly became status symbols for a certain group – we’ll call them the Redneck Fratboy and just leave it at that. And one thing that pickup owners like to do is turn their trucks into a statement of some sort, whether it be through bumper stickers, freedom espousing murals, or the occasional exhaust stack or hood-mounted cow horns.

Personalization is, well, a personal thing, and as no two people’s taste will be the same, what’s one man’s meat is another’s poison, or to put it in more automotive terms, what did you do to your truck?! 

Image: [Guanabee -Fun Facts For Latinos!]

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