Hooniverse Asks- What's The Worst Miata on the Interwebs?


We don’t all agree upon everything. That fact is evidenced in the availability of  Twinkies and Ding Dongs, which are both scrumptious. But one thing about which we are almost universally in agreement is that the Miata is the go-to car for pretty much anybody. Seemingly imbued with teflon-like ability to defy owner stereotype, the Miata is acceptable across a broad spectrum of driver types. Dude’s car? Sure. Chick wheels? Absolutely. Gay men? Lesbians? Liberals? Conservatives? It’s as though the little Mazda just can’t say no. 

Even you could, or just may currently, drive an MX-5. In fact, just like the ubiquity of the car’s appeal, Mazda’s agreeability to sell the car to anyone with cash in hand or a credit rating over 600 means there’s plenty out there from which to choose. And both of these factors have led to an explosion in personalized Miati. Thing of it is, while we can all agree on how great the Miata is, very few of us would concur with the customizer’s individualistic descisions. 

And that leads us to today’s quest which is – as a public service – to find the most egregiously modified Miata in existence. Most likely it will be on the Internet, as that seems to be their natural habitat, but we won’t constrain our search to that vast, but limited, resource. No, should you have happened upon – and snapped a few pictures of – an MX-5 that’s sporting reverse Lambo doors and a Hello Kitty motif then by all means do share. After all, if there’s one thing we should all be able to agree upon, it’s what not to do to a Miata. 

Image: [moesrealm]

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