Hooniverse Asks- What's the Worst Car Your Family Has Ever Owned?

No Rusty, you'll never get laid in this. . . and neither will I.
Parents, we can’t control them. And unless you were brought up by the Shelbys or the Earhardts, it’s pretty likely that at some point your family owned a car that you nicknamed something like the dump truck for how quickly a date would go south when you arrived in it. What choice did you have? It was the family car and you couldn’t afford gas or insurance, much less buying something that didn’t brand you as a tool every time you drove it to clarinet practice. Of course, playing the clarinet didn’t help either. So what was it? A Camry with the magnetic sign on the side advertising your dad’s company’s line of feminine hygiene products? Or maybe it was that old Mercury Mystique that still smelled like your grandma even though she had passed away two years ago and your family had received the car from the estate. So, which was it?  Which family car made you want to wear a disguise whenever you rode it it? Imahe sources: [nwp4Life.com, dziennik.com]

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