Hooniverse Asks: What’s the worst bout of road rage you’ve witnessed?

That man on the hood of the white Infiniti FX/QX70 is 65-year-old Richard Kamrowski. The person driving the premium crossover is a 37-year-old named Mark Fitzgerald. Why is Richard on Mark’s hood? Because the pair got into it over a bit of fender bending. The action unfolds on the long slog that is the Mass Pike. Apparently, the pair were in a minor accident and Kamrowski attempted to collect the insurance information of Mr. Fitzgerald. What happened next is completely insane.

Fitzgerald decided, reportedly, that he didn’t want to get out of his car. Kamrowski smashed his front window. That led Fitzgerald to decide to get out of there, so he floored his Infiniti while it was pointed at Kamrowski. So the elder of the two men hopped on the hood and hung on for one hell of a ride. Speeds hit as high as 70 miles per hour and the action lasted for about three miles before other drivers boxed in the white Infiniti.

A third person jumped in to keep the Infiniti driver at bay by pulling his gun. Troopers sorted out the insanity once they arrived on scene.

This is a scene that does not need to unfold. Grab the plate, make, and model, and give that information to your insurance company and the police department, if the incident preceding attempted information collection warrants such an action. Don’t smash the other driver’s window. Also, don’t mash your throttle while your two-ton people smasher is pointed at another human being.

While this is a crazy story, I wouldn’t be shocked if some of you have witnessed even more wild bouts of road rage. Sound off below.

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11 responses to “Hooniverse Asks: What’s the worst bout of road rage you’ve witnessed?”

  1. Michael Stoops Avatar
    Michael Stoops

    Once saw a car hustle to make a left turn as the turn arrow was going yellow, and almost hit a guy on a Honda Goldwing in the process. They both had to make an immediate stop at another light, with the biker pulling up behind the offending car. Biker steps off the Goldwing (he’s a very large man, by the way) and approaches the driver’s door, knocking on the window. A wiry little stoner looking guy jumps out of the passenger side of the car, brandishing a crowbar (who actually carries a crowbar in the passenger compartment of a car these days?) and runs around to the biker dude, raising said crowbar in an aggressive manner. Large biker dude steps forward, pauses briefly, and then just reaches up and grabs the crowbar out of the stoner dude’s hand and throws it on the ground. Little stoner dude, looking stunned (or maybe just stoned, now that I think about it) hustles back into the passenger seat while his (I’m guessing here) stoner buddy driving the car throws it into reverse, slamming into the Goldwing, dumping it to the pavement, and then speeds off. Yes, the car made a dumb move, but it didn’t hit the bike at first and I don’t even recall seeing the bike take evasive action – it was just a close call and kind of from out of nowhere. I get that the biker was spooked and likely ticked off, but had he just let things go, there would have been no damage to the bike whatsoever. And if the little stoner guy had pulled out a handgun instead of a crowbar, things could have ended decidedly worse. And, yes, I was on my phone to 911 as things unfolded. Apparently others witnesses were, too, as cops arrived on scene within seconds of the car speeding off.

    1. Batshitbox Avatar

      Do Not Pursue. Simple rule.

  2. P161911 Avatar

    A couple of years ago I was stopped at a read light. The car directly in front of me and the car beside them in the other lane both had windows rolled down with the occupants of both cars yelling at each other. Next thing I know one of the occupants of the other car is out and a full drink cup goes through the passenger window of the other car. Punches are thrown through windows. Quickly at least one passenger from car #1 and the driver and passenger from car #2 are engaged in full on fisticuffs in the middle of the highway. I think at least one person was dragged out of a car. I’m on the phone to 911. Eventually everyone gets back in the cars after the lights go green (might have gone through one light cycle in the scuffle, don’t remember). The two car loads of a-holes happen to be headed in the same direction that I am going. The proceed to drive at each other in a very aggressive manner. Never did see the cops. I eventually turned off. I really should have recorded it with my phone. I’m sure it would have been a hit on WorldStarHipHop.

  3. onrails Avatar
  4. Batshitbox Avatar

    Back in my messenger days I would regularly see drivers screaming at Parking Control Officers, or PCOs (meter maids). I would almost always stop and stare at the driver and try to convey to the PCO that I was on their side. I didn’t own a car back then, so I had no grudge against them; car drivers were another matter (no offense to the commentariat.)
    I think the guy with his front end two feet into a red curb and screaming like a drill sergeant at a football game was the most worrysome, he really looked like he was gonna throw punches, and I was only 10 feet away.

    (The modern wisdom, when interfering with a situation like that, is to step in between the aggressor and the victim with your back to the aggressor. Cutting off the eye contact chills out the a-holes. Or gets you whallopped over the head.)

  5. neight428 Avatar

    It wasn’t road rage, as is customarily understood, but I did once witness some guy getting wailed on by his old lady on the shoulder of a very busy urban highway. He seemed to be gallantly trying to keep her from spiraling off into traffic while she was trying to beat him with her purse.

    But more importantly, I get to be That Guy. That’s a QX60/JX35…The FX/QX70’s were/are the funky looking 5 door RWD things

      1. neight428 Avatar

        I really was That Guy. I was dead wrong!

        Without ever looking at both models straight from the front, I wouldn’t have thought them to be so similar. A QX60/JX driver probably would have been a little cooler headed what with the whole responsibilities of those for which a third row was needed.

  6. njhoon Avatar

    I did witness a guy pull and put a pistol in another guys face. I didn’t see what lead up to it but one guy got out of his car, went over to to the others SUV, who in turn got out with a pistol and put it right in the first guys face. Being the typical NJ/Philly/NYC person my reactions was “Shit he going to get shot and I’m going to be late for work.” BTW the first guy quickly and quietly went back to his car and everyone drove off.
    On another note I was in my early 20’s when I once cut a guy off and I waved sorry since it was completely my fault. He was really really mad and I guess he thought he could intimidate a young kid so he got out of his car. When I saw him getting out I got out, when he looked at me a almost ran back to his car. I don’t think he expected a 6’2″ 240 lbs kid to unfold himself from my corolla so I shrugged and got back in my car.

  7. JayP Avatar

    I’ve had people scream at me, stop short, weave into my lane all for making them pay for their stupidity… failing to yield, etc.
    Now my son is of driving age I don’t do that any longer.
    2 cases where people didn’t see me and I took severe evasive action, both pulled along side and apologized. That was cool, we’re cool. Get on with the day.

  8. Lokki Avatar

    Slightly off topic, but close enough I couldn’t resist posting. No word yet as to whether or not she had a new Hoon sticker on her car, or just an old one.


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