Hooniverse Asks- What's the World's Greatest Actual Flying Car?

Whitehouse-flying Car

So, I’ve met George Jetson. I am also acquainted with: his boy Elroy, midriff-bearing daughter Judy, and Jane, his wife. And while the tribulations of their future lives seem remarkably indistinguishable from those of our current era – over-worked, over stressed, still no cure for baldness – the one thing that makes me pine for their future projected lives is the fact that they get flying cars. Perhaps it’s all the sitting in traffic that does it. Or, maybe it’s the prospect of cruising over the Playboy Mansion on the way home that holds the appeal. Whatever it is, I want a car that does double duty as a flying machine. And it better look cool too.

Now, I remember reading a test in Cycle magazine of what was then called a dual-purpose bike. It was a Honda,all knobby tires and lots of suspension travel mated with lights and turn signals and everything else the Gubnint says you got to have to roll on the road. While the bike was intended to serve two masters, that of the off-road gods and those who ruled the macadam, what I remember distinctly is that Cycle averred the compromises necessary to allow such dual piety made the bike sadly incompetent at either.

That of course would’t be the case with a flying car because, well, FLYING CAR! I mean how cool would that be? Obviously cool enough that over the past 60 years or so a number of inventors have tried to come up with that elusive mix of road-worthiness and coffee, tea or me-ness. What I want to know from you is which one of those flying cars do you think is the most awesome?

Image source: The Blade


      1. Shedding unnecessary weight is essential in the flying car business. Heavy rubber be damned.

        1. Nice!
          Waaaay back in the 80s, when the 7 series first appeared, they had a TV ad where they drove on off the 2nd floor of a parking garage. It dove into the ground, slid along on on it's nose a bit, then flopped down onto its wheels. Nothing behind the front fenders was messed up. My first impressions of Volvos, and man, did it make a lasting impression on me.
          I've been looking for that video for five years and counting.

          1. I've seen the first and loved it.
            I've never seen the second before now, and it's about 20 different kinds of horrible and hilarious. I can't stop watching it. Wow! Falling 40 feet while on fire! And intentionally!
            My nuts shrink up into my abdomen every time he hits.

          2. I have a dream a lot like that 1st one.
            Maybe halfway between dream and nightmare, I guess.

      1. Hmmph, everyone knows that Bees can fly even though the laws of physics prohibit it ! 🙂

  1. I'll tell you which one wasn't. The AVE Mizar. It was a Ford Pinto strapped to the flying gear of a Cessna Skymaster. What was most surprising about it was that it actually worked.
    Until it didn't. One fateful day in 1973, the flying car suddenly became just a car again, several hundred feet above it's normal car environment. Which is also the normal environment for a horse, after which the Pinto was named.
    Alas, the designer should've used a Falcon.
    <img src="http://www.transeum.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/ave-mizar.jpg"&gt;

      1. My wife's grandfather worked at the GM Lakewood plant during WWII. He said his job was to go out and try to break the trucks they were building. I think he did a lot of similar stuff, but probably with GM trucks of some sort.

        1. . . . and he lived the rest of his life in a wheelchair.
          (will feel really horrible if he did)

          1. Nope, still getting around fine. It took me several years to figure out why he didn't serve in the armed forces during WWII. He lied about his age and started working at GM when he was 16 or 17 (around 1941). By the time the draft got going big time he was deemed an essential defence contractor employee. He spent World War II hooning whatever GM was building at the Lakewood, GA (Atlanta) plant.

          2. That's pretty awesome. Did they build any tanks? Because that would make it awesomer.

    1. Actually that's South Carolina, but I can see why you'd get the two confused… 🙂

    2. Terribly funny that the car behind it has an actual wing section on its roof.

    1. "Cars cannot fly". Well, that's a lie of course. Sure, their glide slope ratio might not be great, but they'd fly somewhat if you kept it at just the right pitch angle!

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