Hooniverse Asks- What's the Weirdest Thing You've Ever Watched Race?

Like a stool in the wind. . .
Bar stools, bathtug regattas, Formula 5000, it seems like, if you can strap a motor on it, somebody will race it. Have you has the pleasure of experiencing some odd oval action? Sometimes, when you can’t sleep, turning on the TV provides you with a little comfort. It seems like most every channel has relinquished their early morning broadcast time to infomercials, and no one wants to spend their most vulnerable hours with the Shamwow® guy, or the coke-dusted ghost of Billy Mays. That’s when you turn to your old friend ESPN. But not just ESPN, because they’re just showing repeats of the Indonesian Women’s Basketball tournaments. No, you snuggle down to ESPN 2, 3, or maybe even 4, because therein lies what you need to stave off the crypt-like silence of your pre-dawn house, and keep you company until you’re able to greet the sun. There, in the backwater that is un-sellable advertising airtime, and with commentators who may actually be parolees, is the weird and wonderful of sporting events- chainsaw olympics, curling, and maybe – if you’re lucky – some kind of funky racing. It’s not just odd-ball events that could provide you with fodder for questions like this. Can Am has seen sucker cars and more wings than a Hooters on a Friday night. Formula One had that six-wheel Tyrell car, and, of course, who could forget those twin torpedo cars of the early fifties? So, what oddities have you come across in your viewing (or even better, participating) ? Is there something that stuck out as being so weird that it scarred you for life? Now, gentlemen, start your stools! Image sources: [saltflats.com, autosports.com]

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