Hooniverse Asks- What’s The Weirdest French Car? (Weird Week)

Man, this Weird Week is going even better than I expected with yesterday you all pulling odd-bodkin Brits out of the woodwork like Arthur pulled Excalibur from the stone. It was pretty epic. I expect no less today as we delve into a nation whose automobiles – for the most part – define weird.

France is a nation that conjures up a multitude of mental images, from the world’s greatest food (but not wine, sorry Henri, but California’s got you beat), to Parisian night life, and San Tropez beaches, the country’ got it GOING ON! The thing of it is, while every French woman, almost without exception, is unbelievably beautiful, French men tend to be on the toadish side. Don’t believe me? Google Gerard Depardieu or Nicholas Sarkozy. Woof! Am I right girls?

And like that divergence between French women (ooh-la-la) and Gallic dudes (they call them frogs for a reason) there’s also a field of dreams between French cars such as the Delahaye, or the work of Fagoni et Falaschi, and the likes of the offerings for the common French man. And that’s what we’re interested in today, not the beauty queens, but the weirdos – the Notre Dame bell ringers to the Esmereldas. What do you think, which is the weirdest French car?

Image: [daviddb via Flickr]

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