Hooniverse Asks: What's the Weirdest Feature Never to Catch on?

UFO1 I remember the first time I came across an Audi with UFO brakes in a junk yard. It kind of freaked me out. Those were the inside-out disc brakes designed to allow greater swept area without requiring huge wheels to contain all the added stopping prowess. If you haven’t come across a UFO-equipped car in the junk yard, then perhaps the chance has passed you by as there isn’t a current Audi that is so equipped. That doesn’t mean you might not stumble upon some other automotive unicorn, meaning a feature that was tried on a particular make or car, but which never actually caught on. Maybe it’ll be an old Rover P6 and its odd but wonderful bell crank front suspension. Or, perhaps it will be a Mazda 626 with center air vents that oscillate like a table fan. Whatever the weirdness, there’s a lot of it out there. That’s what we’re looking for today: your opinion on what has been the weirdest feature that was perhaps too weird to have ever caught on. Image: AudiPassion Forums

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