Hooniverse Asks- What’s The Weirdest British Car? (Weird Week)

We’re well into Weird Week having yesterday contemplated the most atypical of the Italians, and you all came through with flying colors – those being red white and freaky deaky green that is. Another country for which green features prominently on their cars is Great Britain, whose British Racing Green is one of the world’s most recognizable automotive hues. And it’s also one that has adorned a number of weird cars.

For those of you not keeping score or who have ADHD, what we’re looking at this week are weird and wonderful cars, by their country of origin. Actually, we’re just interested in the weird part, the wonderful being an unnecessary add-on. And you can bet that a country known for eating fish and beans for breakfast and drinking warm beer in the afternoon will have its fair share of weird cars.

Are you familiar with Sydney Allard? He was the Brit who took a shine to Cadillac’s massive motors and developed what could be easily considered the lightest mechanism possible for transmitting those huge Caddy power plants’ power to the pavement. Allard also offered the 347-cc Allard Clipper 3-wheeler, a ‘car’ that could be construed as weird, even if you’re both a raging anglophile and maintain a massive plastic car fetish.

That’s just a sample of Great Britain’s weirdness when it comes to cars. If you don’t find that one freaky enough, what does get your vote for weirdest British car?

Image: [carthrottle]

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