Hooniverse Asks- What's the Right Size for a Wagon?

side As many of you know, I write a little thing over on Jalopnik called Nice Price or Crack Pipe. I always choose cars or trucks for that daily dose of what-if based on what just so happens to float my boat at that particular time. Every now and then I come across a listing for a car that goes beyond that basic appeal and in fact causes me to fall in love. That was the case with the ‘71 Ford Torino above, and I’m thankful that it happened to be in Detroit and not on the west coast, otherwise I would have had a hard time explaining the big green bomb in the driveway to my wife. The thing of it is, that Torino was – at the time – Ford’s mid-size wagon offering, the larger LTD-based Country Squire and, the following year, the Pinto two-door wagon bookending it. I happen to think that Mama Bear size is perfect for a wagon- not too big, and not too small. Of course, you might disagree, averring that it’s better to go big or go home, or conversely, that the best longroof starts out with a small car. What is your preference when it comes to the family hauler? I mean, at least the family hauler before the era of the SUV and Crossover. Do you think your wagons should come with three rows or GTFO? What is the right size for a station wagon? Image: Jalopnik

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