You love wagons. I love wagons. We’re truly sane automotive enthusiasts, and it’s the rest of the world that’s gone crazy. That said, there have to be a handful of wagon models that we perhaps hold in too high a level of esteem?
Is the W123 wagon (S123) a holy grail machine? Actually, with a diesel engine under the hood, it’s a gutless wonder. As much as I love the look and classic styling of any Benz from this era, there’s a reason why I’m stuffing a V8 into my own example.
What about vintage muscle wagons? Some might argue that you have even more metal for which rust can find a home. Those who love modern wagons often have to turn to a German luxury brand to find an example, and that could lead to finicky repairs and a high cost of ownership.
Surely the Swedes have it right with the new V60 and V90? Good luck with that twin-charged engine.
There may be a few lovely longroof examples that we, as enthusiasts, have overstated “the goods”. What’s your prime example of an overrated wagon?
And don’t worry, no matter what your answer, we all know that deep down inside you still love it. You’re safe here.