Hooniverse Asks- What's The Most Embarrassing Thing You've Ever Done To Your Car?

We all have taste, it’s what keeps our mouths happy. That being said, we all have taste, and like a dog-crap fudge sundae, sometimes that taste is bad. Some people exhibit bad taste all the time, and some folks – most of us I’d say – have our moments of taste weakness. What we want to know is, what’s the weakest you’ve been when it comes to your car? Have you ever put a set of rubber floor mats in your car with a gun-toting Yosemite Sam demanding that you wipe yer feet, varmit? Maybe there were flames in your past? Not the kind of painted-on flames that did a nice little fade towards the front, but some kind of neon-bright stick-on flames that you thought would look really good coming off the rear wheel well of your front-drive Plymouth Sundance? Me? I one time made inside door panels for a Corvair out of MDF, red vinyl and wood grain shelf paper, I defecate you in the negative. Since then I think I’ve managed to keep most of my rides from suffering too many indignities, but then, how would I know? So what has it been for you? What have you done to your car that, if it could, would make it run away from home in shame? And did you finally realize the error of your ways, or did somebody else point it out to you? Come on, we won’t judge. Image sources: [ecomodder.com, whipitoutcomedy.com]

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