Hooniverse Asks: What's the Most Blasphemous Engine/Car Mix?

npocpcobratop See that car up there? That’s a Cobra kit car that currently is being offered for sale on the Craigslists from Burbank, California. The asking price is well under twenty grand, and as you might expect at that price, it does come with some work yet to be completed. There’s the paint that needs to be spiffed up, the weirdly low windshield that needs to be replaced, and then there’s the issue of the engine. You see, this “Cobra” has a Chevy 383 under its be-scooped fiberglass hood. Yeah, that’s weird and totally inappropriate, but is it the most weird and inappropriate engine ever to appear in a car? What do you think is the most blasphemous engine/car mashup there’s ever been? Image: Craigslist

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