Hooniverse Asks- What's the Greatest Celebrity-Related Car, Truck or Bike?

James Dean called his Porsche 550 Spider Lil’ Bastard, and That concevably could have been the last words to escape his lips as his silver sportscar plowed into Donald Turnupseed’s Ford Tudor on a lonely stretch of desert highway. That accident cut short Dean’s career, and sealed the fate of the little Porsche in the annals of celebrity lore. Many years later, a more minor celebrity –  going by the name of Vanilla Ice – liked to be rollin’ in my five point oh, with my rag-top down so my hair can blow. . . forever placing the fox-platform Mustang in the pantheon of cult of personality cars. Elvis loved him some Cadillac Broughams, Burt Reynolds – through the character of the Bandit – will inexorably be forever linked with a T-topped and screaming chicken-emblazoned black Pontiac Trans-Am. Pee-Wee Herman has his bike, and his police record. So many celebrities, so many vehicles, but which is the best? Do you jones for McQueen’s green Mustang from Bullitt? How about Larry David’s Prius? That’s a pair of contrasts. Maybe you dream of rocking the cigar, trench coat and Peugeot 403 of TV’s Columbo? So, which celebrity rocked the best wheels? Was it something fast and furious, or just something quirky and wicked cool? And which one would you like to have starring in your garage? Image sources: [AMS-105, TVLand]

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