Hooniverse Asks: What's the Craziest Show Car Feature Ever?

Fisker Henrik Fisker debuted his latest creation at Detroit Auto Show last week, after much hand wringing and threats of lawsuits back and forth with his former employer Aston Martin over styling. That all turned out to be much ado about nothing as the re-imagined Dodge Viper with a testosterone-infused name – the Force 1 – didn’t actually look like an Aston at all. Fisker’s folly… I mean ultimate expression of style and performance, does have one balls to the wall crazy show car feature however. That’s a nest, as it were, for a pair of champagne bottles on the rear of the transmission tunnel. Two Buck Chuck won’t do here, peons! This is perhaps the craziest feature of any show car at this year’s Detroit Show, but is it the craziest Show Car feature ever? If not, what in your book is? Image: Autoguide

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