Hooniverse Asks: What's the Coolest Cutaway Engine You've Ever Seen?

Sky_4305_Power_Allison_cutaway_p056-57_W I once had this friend, Peter Lambert, who was one of the most eclectic and interesting individuals I ever had the pleasure of encountering. Well into his eighties Peter would help lift engines out of bays, climb Morro Rock to harvest endangered bird eggs for safe keeping, and put away a pint or five if offered. Sadly, Peter has long since passed away, but one of the things that he did, and which made him so interesting, was his early career (one of many apparently) woking for Rolls Royce doing cutaways of the company’s aircraft engines. Not drawings mind you, but cutaways of the actual machines, in the metal. Whether on paper or in three dimensions, I’ve always found cutaways fascinating, and I’ll bet that you do as well. What I’d like to know is, if that’s so, what is the coolest engine cutaway that you have ever seen? Image: legendsintheirowntime

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