Hooniverse Asks – What's the Best Hoon's Station Wagon?

Whether it’s because we grew up with them, or that we just like the combination of utility and hoonability that the platform affords, but station wagons hold a special place in the hearts of many a hoon. You may be jonesing for a big, old American sled that oozes down the road and gives you three-across seating and fancy multi-way tailgates. Or, it may be the nimble little bombers like the A4 and Legacy that circles your wagons. Either way, if one raises your tailgate more than all the others, which would that be? It could be new, could be old, but it has to be a station wagon—no minivans or SUVs here, we’re talking low and lean. It could be a two-door, but I think most everybody appreciates having four, especially when driving home your drunken-and likely vomit-ready friends after a night out. So, which wagon gets your tail a-waggin’? And is it one you already own, or aspire to one day? Image sources: [classicfords, howstuffworks]

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