Hooniverse Asks- What's the Best Cinco de Mayo Car?

At the Battle of Puebla, in 1862, the Mexican Army defeated the French, even though outnumbered 2 to 1. This was a huge moral victory for the Central American nation seeking independence from their European occupiers, and is celebrated to this day as a civic holiday in Mexico, and an opportunity to quaff margaritas or CervezaTecate for the rest of us.
Interestingly, the battle commemorated by today’s Mexican holiday also has an automotive connection as Puebla is now the site not of firepower but horsepower. Well, not exactly, but the municipality of Puebla is currently the location of the largest Volkswagen plant outside of Germany, and if you’ve driven a Golf or Jetta in the U.S. the past decade or so, chances are it came from Puebla.
Mexico also has a rich history of car culture, from the stereotyped Tijuana tuck and roll, to the entire lowrider culture that grew here in the U.S., but has its roots in the Latin American immigrants that made up the Chicano communities. These cars, featuring intricate paint schemes and hydraulic suspensions requiring a trunk full of batteries run the gamut of old and new, and are an entire genre unto themselves.
So there’s a couple of choices that are appropriately relevant – but what do you think, if you had to choose what to ride down to the Paseo del la Plaza in, what Cinco de Mayo car do you think would be muy bueno?
Image source: [LateralGPhotography.com]


  1. Nowadays, I would have to say something with upgraded exterior armor. Seriously, have you seen the amount of bullets that they're spraying south of the border?

      1. Technically, the Alamo was not in the Estados Unidos in 1862. It was in the Confederacy.

    1. Yes, I know these may be the worst choices, but I got stuck on the "Cinco" theme more so then the "de Mayo" theme.

    1. You caught a Transformer with it's pants down. Give it a minute to finish.
      On another note, with all that gold/chrome you would think the builder would have remembered to coat the jackstands it's being displayed on. Or at least hide them with the cottonball clouds they like to make.

    2. I know, right? It looks like a still shot of a truck that has exploded due to an overload of bad taste!
      BTW…congrats on the COTD on [REDACTED]!

      1. The caption on that picture said it is an '84 Nissan. I had no idea what it was.
        Thank you very much! 🙂

      1. I want an eclectic celebration of stylistic flourish: Ed Roth, Marcello Gandini, Harley Earl, Wilhelm Hofmeister, Virgil Exner, Chris Bangle, Peter Wheeler, Wunibald Kamm, but keep it all inside.

    3. Imagine being stopped at a light and having that thing pull up next to you and do that. I think that I'd get out and clap, at least.

        1. When I came back to reply, the picture showed up. Internet weirdness. And yeah, that one's a little lame. E for effort tho'.

  2. I would love a Mexican-built Borgward from the 60s… but realistically, we're taking the Goggomobil to El Torito tonight, can't beat 50mpg…

    1. And it's labeled an Impala to boot! I lift my can of Pepsi Max to you, cheers!

  3. 10 years ago around here it would be a 1975 Monte Carlo, lowered with a hydro kit. today, I'd have to say an 81 Oldsmobile Cutlass.

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