Hooniverse Asks- What's History's Greatest Dodge?

We’ve previously asked about your candidates for the best from the bread and butter brands from Ford and GM, and today, we want to know your opinion of what’s the greatest car or truck that Chrysler’s blue collar make has ever offered.

An easy answer, of course, is the Viper- that V10 monster that’s rightfully named as driving one is almost as dangerous as handling its hypodermic-toothed namesake.

But that car is rough and uncompromising. And while it’s excellent at eating track like it was licorice, it’s almost, dare we say, a one-trick pony.

Dodge has offered many a car that does multi-task, and the spate of Challengers, Chargers, Police-grade Polaras, and their ilk have been known to drop a clutch at the local strip from time to time, as well as provide family men with a witness protection-level anonymity behind which is a potent Hemi ready to answer all challengers.

So which of the ram brand do you think is the pinnacle of perfection? Which Dodge would you Mopar maniacs offer as the best of the best?

Image sources: [CarWorld, Moby302]

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