Hooniverse Asks- What's History's Best Chevrolet?

Whether Biscayne shoebox, Camaro or Chevelle, or America’s sports car, the Corvette, Chevy has built some damn fine automobiles. Cars like the Corvair stretched the concept of a compact family car, and even though it ended its run in controversy,  it’s still remembered fondly by the people who matter, unlike Ford’s Edsel fiasco, which was an answer to a question nobody asked. Chevrolet has also been competitive in Trucks, their C-10 beloved by more than one Hoon here. But of all these vehicle – cars and trucks, wagons and sports cars – which is the best? Of course, the easy answer is the Corvette, and that may very well be the one to pick. However, its limited goal set puts that plastic fantastic at a disadvantage when compared to its more accomplished brethren. Also, why limit contenders to the post-war era? Their rugged stovebolt six – so called because of headbolts that looked like they came off a wood-burning stove – was first introduced in 1929. While vintage Fords of the era may dominate the dialog these days, Chevy built some fine cars and trucks then too. So, out of all the Chevys that have ever plied the roads, which one, in your estimation, is the best? Image sources: [Arboristsite.com, Corvairs.org]

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