Hooniverse Asks- What's Been the Most Notable Good Car/Bad Engine You've Ever Seen?

Fiero When car makers design a car, every element of it is examined by the bean counters for ways to cut costs. One of the most common of those is to dun what is otherwise a brand-new car with a cast-off engine, as usually the old wheezer already meets smog requirements and the factory is happily cranking them out. That’s why we have received amazing cars like the Pontiac Fiero, saddled with execrable engines like the Iron Puke four. Oh sure, the Fiero could be upgraded to Chevy’s laudable 2.8-litre V6, but that doesn’t eliminate the taint of the terrible four. Every once in a while great cars do come with awful engines. The Fox body Mustang is amazing, both for the prescience of its design, but also for its longevity. But which Foxstang do you remember? The V8-powered GT of course, and perhaps the weirdly wonderful turbo 2.3 SVO. Do you however, look back with fond memories over the 88-ponies produced by the non-turbo 2.3 that powered the car for a long, long, long time? No? I didn’t think so. A bad engine can stain a car for time immortal, turning an awesome car or truck into a pariah to be shunned and only spoken of in harsh whispers. We’re above all that however, and today I want to hear from you what you think are history’s best cars that had the worst engines. Image: Autominded.net

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