Hooniverse Asks- What're Your Minimum Requirements for a Daily Driver?

While we may all have dream cars, the cars we actually drive on a daily basis need to provide a modicum of functionality and driving efficiency. That being said, we all make adjustments regarding what we are wiling to put up with, but there’s just some things we either can’t live with, or can’t do without. I, for instance, can’t stand the thought of burning premium while driving to Home Depot or doing the weekly grocery runs. I also wouldn’t put up with only having two doors. Now, that second factor derives from being part of a family of four, and kids swinging long coupe doors open in parking lots is a recipe for trouble. Keg CarBut maybe you don’t suffer that same lifestyle and you might find the burden in weight of two extra doors equally irksome. You might also find such luxuries as a radio or air conditioning extraneous to your slog, and hence have to requirement that your steed possess them. Or, there may be a litany of factors involved in your decision of what makes up a viable daily driver. Perhaps you’re compulsive-obsessive and require a car that’s a precise shade of blue. Maybe it has to have seats without lumbar support because you can’t stand the incessant fist in your back while you try and concentrate on the traffic, but you can’t because it’s there, pushing, pushing, pushing, and it’s all you can do not to slam on the brakes and scream at the top of your lungs to just leave you alone! Or maybe you just want a manual transmission and a cup holder that fits your favorite coffee mug. Whatever it is, it’s probably part of a unique set of criteria that you have established, probably subconsciously, that you use in establishing which is  just the right car for you. If so, what would those criteria be? Image sources: [audizine.com, funpeak.com]

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