Hooniverse Asks- What Would Your Driving Style's Theme Song Be?

We each have our own driving style. For some it’s Sterling Moss smooth, for others it’s Chip & Dale twitchy. Whatever the technique, there’s got to be a soundtrack that would go along with it.
Think about when you get into the zone while you’re behind the wheel. You seem able to time the sequence of signal lights as if by remote control; your arc through the on ramp sweeper is so perfect Niki Lauda himself would nod with approval – and in the back of your mind, there’s a song playing. What would that be? Born to be Wild? Hella Good? Kanye’s Stronger?
Or perhaps you just gutter sniped some old geezer doing 20 on the boulevard – his blinker stereotypically and permanently flashing, and a Get Off My Lawn bumper sticker canted awkwardly above the sputtering exhaust. Is your radio cranking Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi, or maybe Kanye’s Stronger?
Let’s say you just like to ooze down the street, and the only thing people see when you drive by is the bling of your rings and the highlights in your hair. Is Kanye’s Stronger playing on your radio?
Whatever your style, there’s a song that most perfectly encapsulates it in an iPod-friendly format. That tune would be your driving style’s theme song. Maybe they’re going to make a TV show about how you drive, as you’re such a Jedi master at the task. That song-playing in your head right now- the one that says, yeah, that’s how I roll – would run over the title credits. Oh, and Pauly Shore would produce the show, sorry.
So, think about your driving habits, whether you are as smooth as forty year old scotch, or your style more full of ticks than a feral dog. Get that in your head and then think about the song that most closely emulates the experience. What would that tune be, and why so?
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  1. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    [youtube mBPGm4Fbo0Q http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBPGm4Fbo0Q youtube]
    Lyrics aren't really relevant, but the switch back and forth between smooth blues and heavy guitar riffs sort of matches most of my drives…cruising down the freeway without incident, but charging offramps and interchanges like they're rally special stages.
    But most of all, I was looking for another excuse to post a Black Keys video.