Hooniverse Asks – What would you drive in a buddy-cop show?

You're surrounded by armed bastards!
Last week we asked you what you would drive as a PI, and you came back with some great suggestions, with cars that reflected the personalities of its detectives. But after that botched drug raid with Hernandez’s men (that you point out was successful), you’ve been reassigned! You’re too reckless, Sargeant Callahan says. You need someone to reign you in, to prevent an incident like that incident at the Miami docks last month where you successfully destroyed Hernandez’s cocaine shipment (and a few of his goons). You don’t play by the rules, you argue. You get results, dammit! But he thinks you’re a loose cannon, a liability, and it’s better than some stinking desk job. That’s bad enough to end your career, you think. But to make things even worse, Sergeant Callahan’s assigned you some uptight loser from downtown. One look at this rookie and you know you two ain’t gonna get along. He’s gonna get the two of you killed! You’re a hot-tempered iconoclast, he’s a wimpy pencil pusher. You’re a tough-as nails crusader cleaning up the streets, he’s a kid who’ll get transferred to the suburbs in a month. You’re old-school, he’s still in school. And now Sarge expects you to change his diaper and show him the ropes? That Hernandez drug ring is never get busted now…or will it? Well, at least you still got your sweet-ass car. 1971 Plymouth Satellite Sebring, Evening Blue Metallic, steel wheels, tape stripes, 4-barrel 440 V8, gumball light on the vinyl roof. It’s the best the department could assign you, but once you nail that Hernandez bastard you’ll finally get to confiscate that sweet Lamborghini Silhouette P300. Give that Starsky kid a run for his money. And if your new partner doesn’t like it, he can walk. What’s your Zebra Three?

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