Hooniverse Asks – What Would You Do With This Rolling Corvette Chassis?

Tony Robbins approves!

It’s not often that fate smiles down on us with, say, an extra scoop of gravy in our KFC mashed potatoes, or a crosswalk free of Hoverounds while you’re barreling down a crowded street. Today is one of those fortuitous occasions, brimming full of hope and confidence!

"Can you feel the excitement…friend?"

Sometimes, fate drops a gift right into our laps, like a dollop of said gravy on your chinos. Well, today’s the day, friendo! Like Valtrex, it’s a brand new day! And this Corvette’s rolling chassis is full of potential, full of opportunity! What will you do with it? Jack it up on 33″ mudders and buy a plane ticket to Iceland? Mount a Jaguar XJS convertible body on top? Terrorize budding Lewis Hamiltons at your local go-kart track? Remember, in accordance with the Ebay Project Car Hell Mantra: the police can’t catch if they don’t know what the hell you’re driving. Go for it!
Corvette C5 Rolling Chassis – eBay Motors

Limitless possibilities! Endless opportunities!

[Image source: B-Freed]

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43 responses to “Hooniverse Asks – What Would You Do With This Rolling Corvette Chassis?”

  1. P161911 Avatar

    Buy a Factory five GTM kit and build it. Looks like most of the bits are there.
    <img src="http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/12/2008/02/medium_Factory%20Five%20GTM.jpg&quot; width="500/"> http://www.factoryfive.com/gtmhome.html
    Now to find the Porsche transaxle.

  2. Jennings R. Scroggs, Jr. Avatar
    Jennings R. Scroggs, Jr.

    The correct answer is a 9/8ths scale Caterham.

    1. sporty88 Avatar

      or a super-sized Ariel Atom

  3. Feds_II Avatar

    I'm very tempted to go with the obvious "strap a seat to some 2×4's and have at it", but I think in this case it has to be CORVAN!
    Now, do you do Classic Chevy:
    <img src="http://danosteel.com/images/VAN/17.jpg&quot; width=500>
    <img src="http://www.carbodykits.com/images/D/1990-1993-Chevrolet-Lumina-3DR-Razzi-LUMINA-APV-SILHOUETTE-KIT-1990-93.jpg&quot; width=500>
    Or "WTF is that Spacetoaster!!"
    <img src="http://awesnob.com/delica/delica.jpg&quot; width=500>

    1. Smells_Homeless Avatar

      Ooh, the dustbuster is inspired.

    1. jeremy![™] Avatar
  4. muthalovin Avatar

    Sell it on Ebay for 6 grand.

  5. Maymar Avatar

    Feds and Skaycog already touched on the idea of driving it as it is, and there's no way there's $5500 worth of saleable parts to make it LeMonsy fresh.
    Still, the C5 has a 104.5" wheelbase. GM's A-body has a 104.5" wheelbase. Even in the Great Rusty North, there are still a few Centuries and Cutlass Cieras running around (not enough people sprung for the Tru-Coat).

    1. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Perfect application for the back seat driver no less!

    2. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

      My God.
      Maroon-over-maroon Ciera wagon.
      It must be done.
      Alternatively, the Volvo 240's is 104.3 inches, and we know how well one of those fits over a Miata.

  6. PrawoJazdy Avatar

    I feel like you just found Unicorn tears on ebay.
    So many possibilities…

  7. IronBallsMcG Avatar

    Have we had any luck with a substitute meme for "dragoning?"
    Cause I think that may be my answer.

    1. Feds_II Avatar

      "Goin' Bare Chassis?"

  8. dukeisduke Avatar

    Shorten it and put a '62 C2 body on it.

  9. Alff Avatar

    It's going to take a bit of shortening, and we'll have to do something about those wheel arches…
    <img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/1e/Austin_A35_van.jpg/800px-Austin_A35_van.jpg&quot; width=500>

  10. facelvega Avatar

    104.5 inch wheelbase means that the wheel wells of a Jeep Willys Wagon body would fit perfectly. Would need different wheels though, obviously.
    <img src="http://www.oldwoodies.com/img/truck/willyswagon.jpg"&gt;

    1. im_back Avatar

      Coincidentally, I have a '59 Willys wagon (not a woody tho) in need of a new frame. I was gonna drop it on a K5, but this looks much more fun.

  11. OA5599 Avatar

    Build the world's fastest Beverly Hillbillies truck.
    <img src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-4J2Ps5ZimvA/TcNINnVewmI/AAAAAAAAAZs/Xc53If2d4BQ/s1600/IMG_0985.JPG&quot; width=500>

  12. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
    mr. mzs zsm msz esq

    Do any of the other two come with radiation included, cause the highlighted one is lacking and I don't want to feel cheated. Nothing better as a center piece for conversation than a little round metal cylinder with Cyrillic lettering after all. It's a great ice breaker too!

  13. TX_Stig Avatar

    Hmm, the other picture on eBay gave me a great idea. http://www.fpartssalvage.com/images/IMG_2261.JPG See the volvo in the background? I know that one is FWD, but you get the idea. Talk about a nice V8 Volvo !

  14. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
    Peter Tanshanomi

    I'm not sure that matching the wheelbase as mentioned (Cutlass Ciera, Willys Wagon) is all that important. Shortening the center tube is probably one of the less challenging tasks any full-out custom project would require.

  15. pj134 Avatar

    A miniature fiberglass roadmaster body to screw with people.

    1. Alff Avatar


      1. lilwillie Avatar

        Yup, '76. Sitting, waiting for me to attack again.

  16. Paul_y Avatar

    Well, a Civic body is out, that's been done before: http://www.honda-tech.com/showthread.php?t=200436

  17. discontinuuity Avatar

    Guess what else has a 104 inch wheelbase?
    <img src=http://1993-volvo.auto-one.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/1993-volvo-240-1.jpg">

    1. Smells_Homeless Avatar


      1. Smells_Homeless Avatar

        Well, that was 100% funnier before the pic showed up. LeSigh.

  18. waltgator Avatar

    thats rad! man! just bolt on a small frame for 2 seats, windshield & gas tank and viola! done

  19. tonyola Avatar

    In the late '50s, a couple dozen examples of the Chevy-engined Bocar were made in Colorado. They were said to be some of the most fierce sports cars of their time. Now image a replica Bocar made on this Corvette chassis. Let's go fake-Cobra hunting.
    <img src="http://i727.photobucket.com/albums/ww274/ratfink12/59_Bocar_XP-5_DV-07-AI-03.jpg&quot; width=600>

  20. dragon951 Avatar

    Buy it and sell everything but the LS1, then put it in my car. Unfortunately I am still at step one of the plan.
    1. Get $6000
    2. Buy LS1
    3. Renegade Hybrids

  21. Jim-Bob Avatar

    The first thing that came to mind was the GAZ 24 Volga wagon! It's easily one of the prettiest cars ever to come out of the Soviet Union and all it needs is a better powertrain to make it perfect.
    <img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/24/Volga_Estate_Anvers.jpg/250px-Volga_Estate_Anvers.jpg"&gt;

  22. BlackIce_GTS Avatar

    Flip the rear end over, move the steering to the back, and proceed to set every rear engine/front wheel drive performance record.

  23. Smells_Homeless Avatar


  24. dwegmull Avatar

    Find a way to shorten the wheelbase by 6.5" and power a Porsche 928.

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