Hooniverse Asks- What Would You Do With a Naked Viper?

It’s not all that uncommon – seeing how many people with more money than sense buy them – to find wrecked Dodge Vipers on the cheap, on eBay or the list de la Craig. However, it’s not everyday that you come across one that’s both in running condition and buck naked. Here’s a ’95 offered up on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $10,999.99, but with current bidding not meeting reserve at only $4,550. What’s interesting about this Viper isn’t so much the price, but its total lack of clothes. Despite its inability to hide its shame, it apparently does drive, as demonstrated in video:

Okay, so the important parts still work, but you can’t do out on a Saturday night with everything hanging out, I mean, unless your destination is the Playboy mansion. That means you’d need to find something for this Viper to wear, and preferably not off the rack. As it stands, you do get to enjoy the 400-bhp 8-litre V10 in all its glory, but lacking a windshield you’d also be enjoying a steady diet of high velocity gravel and juicy bugs. That alone is reason enough to at least fix some protection in place, even if your goal with this Pick-A-Part treasure is purely track-oriented. So, if a naked Viper such as this just happened to drop in your lap – say you managed to secret it out of the Pick-A-Part one piece at a time by sticking them up your. . . um, let’s just say you bought this – what would you do with it? Cleveland Pick-A-Part via eBay.

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