Hooniverse Asks- What Were Your 'Wheels of Choice' When you Were a Little kid?

bigwheel_small Think back to when you were a little kid. Do you remember the first time you felt the wind in your hair and the sun on your face the first time you hit the open road, er, driveway? Whatever the era, little kids for generations have been given – well, the lucky ones at least – some for of wheeled toy that let the kids experience a sense of independence and the thrill of speed. Sometimes it also gave them the opportunity to find out what crashing into a parked car feels like, giving them a great story to share over juice and graham crackers at school the next day. Trikes and toy cars have been around since almost the dawn of the auto age. If you are from a certain generation then you might remember having a pedal car – or perhaps more often a pedal fire truck – when you were a kid. If you grew up later then maybe a Marx Big Wheel was your ride, and you can remember the thrill of shifting the seat back as you grew. More recently kids get fancy electric cars in which to terrorize the neighborhood’s sidewalks. For many, this is a first test of your driving acumen and it’s easy to tell early on who’s going to be capable behind the wheel of a grown-up ride later in life, and who should probably stick to the sidewalk. Do you have a fond memory of this earliest offering of freedom and how it made you the driver you are today? What were your wheels of choice – likely your parent’s choice – when you were a little kid? Image: famigo  

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