Hooniverse Asks- What Was Your Worst Car Repair Experience?

Yesterday we asked about the bad experiences you had with buying a car, and you provided us with some great war stories about bad dealers, untrustworthy private sellers, and cars that weren’t all the ads said they were. Now that those nightmares are behind you, tell us what it’s been like to get them fixed. As I noted yesterday, my Ford dealer has been a great place to get the maintenance done that I’m too lazy to do myself . But that’s not always the case, and I had a friend who took his Camaro into a Chevy dealer for the “Free” 30-point checkup, only to have it brought back out with broken power steering lines, which the Chevy dealer was more than happy to fix for a large chunk of change. While the unscrupulousness of many a mechanic is well known, there’s also those embarrassing moments when we ourselves do something monumentally stupid to our cars – like the time I broke the windshield with my head while trying to lever the dashboard back into place on my mom’s Taurus after replacing a leaky heater core. So, whether through the incompetence or evil of others, or at your own hands,  what’s the worst thing that has happened? Image sources: [wreckedexotics, flickr]

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