Hooniverse Asks: What was Your High School “Jock Ride?”

My wife has a friend whose husband is a total “Chad.” He exhibited his Chad-ness recently by responding on his wife’s Facebook to one of his wife’s friends with the bitter complaint that she shouldn’t feel empowered just because she is gay. Total Chad move.
On the plus side, hearing about this dick move set me to thinking. It’s a sad fact, but Chads are all around us. Before they were they were Chads they were oftentimes jocks when in high school. Those dudes could be cool, or they could be total, well, yeah, Chads. They almost always had access to wheels that were above their station in life and today I  want to know what that was when you were in high school. What was your school’s most common Jock ride? 
Image: RideLust

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27 responses to “Hooniverse Asks: What was Your High School “Jock Ride?””

  1. Chad Geidel Avatar
    Chad Geidel

    Not a jock, still a Chad. Don’t actually remember what the jocks drove in HS. I drove a Renault Encore hatchback which I purchased with my own money.

    1. João Ferreira Avatar
      João Ferreira

      That’s a rare thing in the states…

  2. neight428 Avatar

    Being in Texas it was the late model pickup truck most favored by the young budding bro of the early to mid 90’s. Preferably lifted with Flowmaster mufflers and dual 4″ chrome exhaust tips. There were only two second gen F-bodies that I recall, one being a ’79 ish Trans Am with the oversized rear tire stance and a set of Cragar wheels driven by this really quirky guy that you wouldn’t have pegged for the type. I respected him all the more when I showed up early one morning for something and he was doing donuts in the dirt lot behind the football stadium for something like 10 minutes straight. The other was a ’76-ish Camaro that was probably the quickest car in town with a built small block. His whole family was in to cars and he was about as far from the “Chad” as one could get. He runs his own paint and body shop now, does excellent work.

  3. Maymar Avatar

    The jockiest guy I can think of from my relatively rural high school drove an old S10 on 3,rd gen Camaro wheels. But he was also a pretty decent dude.
    But our high school parking lot was mostly old J-bodies, Civics, and mom’s minivan.

  4. P161911 Avatar

    To the best of my recollection, most of the jocks probably rode the school bus. There were plenty of Bros/Chads though. They seemed to gravitate towards Pontiac, either a G-Body Grand Prix of 2nd or 3rd gen F-Body. I do remember one jock guy, maybe a year or two ahead of me, had a newer Trans-Am GTA. My high school was a strange mix of rural and suburban, racially mixed, a strange combination of country, redneck, preppy, and hood.

  5. nanoop Avatar

    The car culture in Germany started way after highschool, due to prices and the fact that you got your driver license at age 18 earliest.
    I personally had a Hercules Estrella, with five gears in the Sachs Pentasport hub that sucked to adjust…

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      Same here. Only one guy who was a year older drove to school, and he had a hottest up Leyland Mini. Another who lived over the state border where you got your licence 3 months earlier had a late 70s Ford Cortina that he put a stereo in costing more than the car. Which after he crashed it got swapped into the Mini he bought off the other guy. There were other vehicular shenanigans, eg one guy had a bunch of girls refuse to get in a car with him again after getting air hitting a particular level crossing at over 100 mph (84 Holden Barina from memory), but nobody regularly drove to school. Plus there wasn’t a parking lot actually!

      1. nanoop Avatar

        Yeah in the second last year there was always the guy (always men, that’s what the school system produced) who repeated, say, fifth grade, and carried the momentum by being the first /only one with a license.

      2. cap'n fast Avatar
        cap’n fast

        shoe leather express up hill both ways. unless I felt speedy then it was the US KEDS tearing up the side walk.
        Jocks in great falls ran new-NEW-1967 Chevelle with big block. burnouts at the school bus loading area were memorable.
        ran into one of the HS jocks later in life and showed him real power. F-4C with minimum fuel was a wondrous smoke emanating bit of machinery, accelerated so hard it would strain your sweat thru a cool cushion. burnouts my ass…

  6. dukeisduke Avatar

    The jock friends I knew (I was a manager for the track team for a couple of years) generally drove lightly-used cars bought by their parents. One guy I knew drove a ’74 Grand Prix, and another had a ’75 Cutlass Supreme. I actually had one friend (not a jock) that had two(!) cars – a sweet gold ’69 Riviera and a turquoise ’57 Chevy pickup. He also sometimes drove his dad’s car (his dad owned a heavy equipment business) – a very nice triple black ’73 Buick Regal Luxus two-door with the 455.

  7. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar

    The coolest car in the parking lot at my high school was a V8-swapped Vega Kammback. But it was seriously legit because he did all the work himself, and he was a totally nice guy, definitely not a Chad.
    My sisters both dated Chads for a while. One drove a ’72 or ’73 Mercury Capri, the other drove a Buick Electra 225 2-door and was nicknamed “Smoothie.” (This was the late ’70s, so they were both still fairly new cars.)
    BTW, recently on the C&T podcast, John Polnik talked extensively about this exact same guy at his
    high school. His Chad was named Ted Rieger.

    1. dukeisduke Avatar

      I knew one girl that drove a ’63 Mercury Monterey 4-door sedan with Breezeway styling. And another guy (not a small guy, either) that drove a Subaru 360.

  8. mdharrell Avatar

    My high school had graduating classes typically of around 20 to 25 students in total (Drain, Oregon), so determining the “most common” of anything would quickly run afoul of the statistics of small numbers. There was one guy with a Chevelle, so let’s go with that.

  9. tonyola Avatar

    There was a jock in my high school (Titusville, FL) who had a new ’70 Dodge Charger with a 440 – he was spoiled and had a rich dad. One night he roared along at perhaps 130 mph on a long causeway over the Indian River lagoon. The car became airborne and flew off the bridge into the shallow mud of the river. The local paper next day had a picture of the car with its rear end sticking out the water at an angle. Amazingly enough, the jock was not seriously injured. His Charger look much like the picture below. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d14b3c40221a22e06ad475cebd17f9cf68dc654094184170ebbef3c2f2aab527.jpg

  10. Kiefmo Avatar

    For most of them, it was the full-size F150 or Silverado, always at least 10 years old, passed down from their dad. For a handful whose families had money, it was the Mustang, both in V6 and GT guises. Camaros were almost a non-entity at my school, for some reason.
    One baseball player in particular threw a shitfit because his folks bought him a brand new Mustang, but it was a V6 automatic. I mean, sure — it wasn’t ideal from a car guy perspective, but the kid had a nicer, newer car than 95% of us and bitched about it. He kept it, though, until sometime during our freshman year of college, when he drunkenly rolled it into a ditch at 90mph. He and his passenger were ejected, and the car hit a tree in the passenger side door. Both of them were playing college ball up to that point. But the driver had some minor brain damage that ruined his coordination, and the passenger’s throwing arm was ruined.

  11. Batshitbox Avatar

    In the ’70s the street across the road from my High School was known as ‘Vette Row, but that had gone away by my time.
    The Five-Oh Mustang was the ride for the jocks. I remember pouring a half a cup of sugar into the tank of one that had insulted my punk rock girlfriend. After it died, mommy and daddy went and bought him a brand new one, the bastard. (Though, girlf said she did get the satisfaction of seeing him blowing his stack, slamming the doors and kicking the old ‘Stang the next morning.)

  12. Fuhrman16 Avatar

    The two Chads I went to school with (who were named Chad, not arseholes) drove early 90’s Chevy factry hot rods, a Lumina Z34 and a Beretta GTZ. Most of the jocks drove either hand me down mid 90’s Buicks, late 90’s/early 00’s Pontiac Grand Am or Prix, or similar vintage Chevy pickups.
    Though the coolest jock ride was a genuine 1 of 1000 Starsky and Hutch ’76 Torino that his mother bought new. It certainly made my Maverick look lame.

  13. Monkey10is Avatar

    I am a bit left behind by the US terminology: Are these hanging Chads, pregnant Chads or fat Chads?

    1. dead_elvis, inc. Avatar
      dead_elvis, inc.


  14. Walter Joy Avatar
    Walter Joy

    Being as today I finished high school, it was mainly Jeeps. One girl (who’s parents have over 10 Jeeps that are all modified) had a completely modified one. But most of the jocks owned POS cars. My 89 Dodge W250 actually had the most people look at it. But one kid had a Porsche

    1. Vairship Avatar

      Congrats on graduating!

  15. Amoore Avatar

    There’s tons of Benzes and Mustangs, that’s for sure. Two that stick in my mind are a C55 and a tuned New Edge.

  16. Joel Strickland Avatar

    There was a kid in our school that was not short on cash, one day he rocked up in a 70’s Rolls Royce Phantom and another day a VL Holden Commodore Walkinshaw

  17. WinstonSmith84 Avatar

    “He exhibited his Chad-ness recently by responding on his wife’s Facebook
    to one of his wife’s friends with the bitter complaint that she
    shouldn’t feel empowered just because she is gay.”
    Oh no! He treated a lesbian just like he would treat any other illogical self-obsessed adult. What a creep! How we react to people should be dictated by who they are, not how they conduct themselves. Point taken.

  18. JBsC6 Avatar

    1976 was the year of my graduation…I can honestly say I have no idea what any of the jocks in high school drove? We were too stoned to give a crap….but if I remember correctly late 1960 and early 1970 muscle cars and pony cars are what we all drove…jocks and non jocks alike…
    1968 and 69 Camaros and firebirds, slightly earlier mustangs were the rage…slightly later 440 challengers and barracudas…
    I had a bright yellow firebird convertible with a worked suspension and engine..black top and interior..with a 8 track tape deck under the dash…along with big f series white letter Dunlop GT qualifier tires in pontiacs sport wheels…
    That was a hell of a beautiful car…
    Getting laid in the back seat was tight…but it was the era of son of Sam so most of us found better places…
    Seriously did not even know back then what the jocks drive…
    Just didn’t give a shit…

  19. Rudy™ Avatar

    In my day, it was usually mid to late 70s Camaros and Firebirds, with an occasional Charger or Torino thrown in. The rest of us drove the old family beaters.