Hooniverse Asks: What unexpected vehicle would you bring to the next Radwood?

The above Geo Metro is certainly unique. With its pink paint and gold wheels, the Radwood-approved droptop enjoyed its day in the sun. This past weekend saw lovers of all things 80’s and 90’s flock to Northern California for another dose of radness.
We’ve asked you Radwood questions in the past, but today I want to plumb the depths of your brains for some Hooniverse-grade knowledge.
Which vehicle, fitting within the dual decade restraints of the Radwood organizers, would you bring to the show that no one would ever expect? What is left out there that screams 80’s or 90’s and would leave everyone in period correct states of awe?
Sound off below, my dudes and dudettes.


          1. The removed hardtop has the window! It would be even better to have jdm badging: Wizard MU, which stood for “Mysterious Utility”.
            Only in America… …would the word ‘truck’ be used in the same county as a HRV or Felicia!

          2. Ok, I can’t remember which version they sold (not many of) here.

      1. With the “fun” moniker removed, the Felicia pickup was a solid bottom-of-the-market worker’s car. In the Danish Netflix series “The Rain”, a guy drives around a postapocalyptic scenery in one of thesr, and gets the comment: “Why would you drive such a shitcan?”, implying that postapocalyptic car choices should offer a wider variety.

    1. We visited Düsseldorf last month and toured a museum filled with exotic automobiles. Naturally they had a pristine Bronco II.
      Because of course they did.
      Düsseldorf's Amazing Car Museum

      1. …and remember that it is called ‘Stylus’ not because of any sense of STYLE,
        but because it was made of poorly molded plastic and fitted neatly into the small groove on the side of a PalmPilot (TM).

        1. Hey, don’t dis my Stylus. I almost bought one of these when I got out of college. I ended up going with a stripper Toyota pickup instead. They were pretty much equivalent when it came to NVH and interior luxury.

          1. Funny, I knew an actual stripper who was the original owner of a Geo Metro convertible as her college car.

          2. Hey, where is the obligatory Xzibit/Pimp my ride “Yo dawg, we heard you like going topless while going topless…” ?!?

    1. I am going to peruse Craigslist after work looking for one of these. In other words…
      Lookin’ for some hot stuff, baby, this evenin’
      I need some hot stuff, baby, tonight
      I want some hot stuff, baby, this evenin’
      Gotta have some hot stuff
      Gotta have some Scout tonight

    2. That is… beyond words. I ran those same wheels on my AMC Spirit, which after seeing this photo, has become a somewhat more embarrassing memory.

  1. Is there a list of cars that have been to Radwood? If I were shooting for obscure, I’d want it to be obscure enough to be the only [insert car] in attendance. There aren’t a whole lot of cars that are obscure enough to pull that off at an event like Radwood. Has anyone brought a Bitter SC yet? If ever there were a gathering likely to bring in a Bitter, it would be Radwood.
    If I abandon the desire for obscurity, the floodgates open. There are so many cars of the ‘80s and ‘90s that I like. I’d just buy something that I like (rather than buying something with Radwood specifically in mind) and, if it meets the age requirement, bring it. Sadly, even with a 20 year window, only 1 of my 7 vehicles meets that requirement, and I’m neither driving nor towing my LeMons car 2500 miles to go to Radwood.
    I guess on that note, I’d need something roadtrip-worthy. Bonus points if I can sleep in it. Now, I’m thinking Airstream B190.

      1. You got me thinking… The GMC motorhome was only built until 1978, but Stripes came out in 1981. Would Radwood make an exception if it were made into a proper EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle replica?

          1. That was a fun read. Speedycop will do a better job than I could ever hope to… and he already has the RV. I guess I’ll have to think of something else.

    1. Why go with a high-volume seller like the Bitter SC? How about a MAX Roadster instead (the lesser known car brand from the Netherlands – so you can show up Dr Harrell’s needlessly mainstream Volvo 66)
      https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/5c/1992_MAX_Roadster_%2814581810499%29.jpg/1280px-1992_MAX_Roadster_%2814581810499%29.jpg (free photos & art – 1992 MAX Roadster, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=36349024)
      And the concept car (clearly something got lost in the styling while readying for production):
      https://www.allcarindex.com/auto-car-model/Netherlands-Kick-Design-Max/ http://lh4.ggpht.com/_Tsf-t_mqSxc/TEPnxdLDMEI/AAAAAAAAhCA/C1AZLb_CbMo/s800/1987%20Kick%20Design%20Max_03.jpg

    1. Why have I never seen one of these?? That’s a cool little car– I assume mid-engine, rear-drive (hopefully)?

      1. It is a Lancia Montecarlo/Scorpion. They all rusted away 20 years ago is why you haven’t seen it before.

      1. Showing the car papers would result in the same kind of displaced confusion that showing up with a plain Budweiser at a “rad”-titled event would entail.

        1. Average out the assumed age (1950s) versus the real age (2010s) and maybe it will fall in the right period?

    1. Mine is a ’79 so it doesn’t quite make the cut. I read that they make exceptions for later “continuation” cars (i.e. a 2000 model year of a car that was also made in the ’90s). Do they offer the same thing for pre-’80 model year cars of cars that were made into the ’80s?

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