Hooniverse Asks- What Tape and Decal Special Edition is Your Secret Crush?

Over the decades, there’ve been two types of automotive special edition – the make it go faster ones, and the make it look cooler ones. Typically we are only interested in the former, each of us being the type eager to wring out every last drop of handling and performance possible out of our cars. But much to our shame, there have been some of the latter that we secretly find lust worthy. Those are called tape and trim specials, and feature such embarrassing add-ons as non-functional scoops, aerodynamic aids that have never seen a wind tunnel, and some sort of garish animal motif graphic on the hood intended to scare old ladies and encourage getting lucky at the Black Angus. Oh, and beneath all the flair and flares, there’s no there, there.

You may not admit it, but there’s probably one or more of those show, not go  packages that makes your boat float. Take for example the King Cobra edition Mustang II above, with its spoilers, spats, and aggressive and yet slightly hallucinogenic asp decals on its hood, it looks awesome, no? It’s especially cool with its targa bar tee-roof and jaunty plaid upholstery covering the shapeless and ergonomically ignorant bucket seats. Back in the day, even the fact that its 302 V8 could muster but 139 horsepower couldn’t keep buyers away. Oh yeah, the seventies sucks dead donkey butts.

But tape and decal packages rocked as much as the automotive dark ages blew, and out of that era we not only got the cars of today that manage to have amazing efficiencies, but we also got screaming chicken Trans-Ams and Andretti-Edition Alfa Alfettas rife on Craigslist. Their vinyl decals may have faded over time, but it’s doubtful that your love for them has likewise waned. Keep it a secret no more, which tape and trim package is your favorite? 

Image: [Mustang1.net]

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