Hooniverse Asks- What Places in the World have the Reputation For the Worst Drivers?


Do you know who the worst drivers in the world are? They’re almost always the folks who happen to be driving along the same stretch of road that you happen to be occupying, am I right? Yeah, bad drivers are, in dribs and drabs, pretty much everywhere, but what we want to know today – sort of as a PSA – is where they tend to clot up.

Here in the U.S., getting a driver’s license is about as easy as getting a prize at the bottom of your Crackerjack. I recall once going to a neighborhood DMV to make a title transfer and witnessing an old man be handed the written exam from an employee at the counter only to then surreptitiously hand it to a far younger man to fill in at the standing desks that were provided for the test taking. When it was my turn at the counter I pointed out this deceit to the person taking my money and justice was served. I doubt that anyone asked who was that polo shirt wearing stranger upon my leaving the office, but I felt vindicated and perhaps I kept my neck of the woods from becoming branded as one of driving’s dour spots.

Of course I can’t be everywhere and hence there are places – Italy for example – that have gained a reputation for having drivers whose either skill level or attitude has resulted in the region being known as a locale where  should you be behind the wheel, you’re going to have a bad time. Do you also live in one of those areas? If so, let us know. What places do you think have the reputation for the worst drivers?

Image source: OldJunkCar

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